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The medieval village of Colletta di Castelbianco

The apartments, which count no more than 60 in total, are located in an ancient village of stone buildings, in the inland of the western side of Liguria, 50 km away from the town of Savona and 120 km away from Nice. The village is perched on a small rocky hill overlooking a lush and sinuous valley, like a natural fortress.

A furious river runs fast through the valley, cascading over deep gorges and meanders that are home to a very rich flora and fauna, wild looking and scenographic. Nature dominates the landscape, which has been preserved intact as a natural oasis far from modern urban expansion of the coastal towns, even being only 20 minutes drive away from the coast. The undergrowth covering the slopes of the valley is still keeping intact the old mule tracks that connected, in the past, the small rural village that dot the area. Hikers and walkers can stll reach the old villages using these paths, along which you are able to appreciate the old hydraulic constructions for the water supply. The terraced slopes, built by dry stone walls, give the landscape the characteristic step-shaped profile and stand witnesses of the past greatness of the local productive fabric, based on agricolture and exporting of olive oil to northern countries, which prompted to take advantage of every small piece of land available for farming. These dry stone walls, able to last many centuries, are the evidence of a building tradition based on a high technical skill which now has disappeared.

The village, which is dated back to the twelfth century, was abandoned for a long time and it reached the end of the twentieth century just about doomed to tumble down. However, Its destiny was changed when an ambitious business venture come to life and a large and complex program of renovation works was launched in the early 90s for the whole village. An Italian architect of international fame, Giancarlo De Carlo, expert in developement strategies and restoration of historic centers, got involved in managing and leading a team of professionals around a key idea: using the web as a catalyst for the rebirth of the village, turning the old buildings into ideal place for people to work remotely using the internet as a communication tool. Thanks to his leadership and the international interest that he focused on the village, this enterprise became one of the best known examples of rebirth and reuse of abandoned villages in Europe. So it was with that, that the ruined village became the Telematic Village of Colletta. All apartments have been renovated and equipped with modern comforts: internet connection with high speed broad band, satellite TV and under floor heating are the standard features in the whole village. On the contrary, all exteriors and facades have been preserved and maintained as close to the original appearance, so that the size and the charm of the common spaces speak of an age long passed. All this gives the village a special atmosphere, almost “suspended” in time, very quiet and attractive. The shared swimming pool, which has been nestled with skill among the olive trees overlooking the valley, as well as the tavern – with the scenic terrace right in the center of the village – will make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Obviously the village is pedestrian only but the distances are very short…if not a little crooked. Today the village enjoys a new life and new owners from around the world have found here their ideal refuge. Many of them spend their summer holiday in the village and come back during the main celebrations (Christmas, Easter etc..) so that you might happen to meet the “whole world” around the tables of the tavern. Time flows in a relaxed way and everyone can feel at ease in the village.

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